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Standard Package

The starter package is only 200 THB. It is suitable for homeowners who want to list their property for sale/rent by themselves or for agents with up to 50 properties.

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Professional Package

The starter package is just 1,500 THB. It is ideal for professional agents with more than 50 properties. One-time payment covers everything, including posting listings, boosting listings, and pinning listings, without the need to top up points continuousl

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What is a point?

A point is a score that can be redeemed for various services on

What can points do?

Points can be used for posting listings, promoting listings, renewing listings, and boosting listings.

Do points have an expiration date?

Points that are topped up will never expire and cannot be converted into cash.

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How to use POINTS

Push your post ( 5 points)

Every day, there are over 500 new listings. Your listing may be pushed to the very end.

  • Boost your listing to appear on the front page for every search
  • Boost your listing to keep it always updated
Add more the post quota ( 20 points) allows you to post listings using Points

  • You can purchase Points to increase your posting quota
  • Add a listing for 20 points per listing
  • Each listing is valid for up to 60 days
Extend expire date ( 50 points)

Listings are valid for 60 days. After that, the details and contact information will no longer be displayed.

  • Extend your listing on for an additional 90 days
  • You can renew your listing in advance, and the system will automatically renew it when the current listing expires
  • Bump your listing back to the homepage
Promote your post ( 190 points)

Increase the visibility of your listing and close sales faster

  • Pin your listing on the homepage of
  • Pin your listing on the homepage of the property search
  • Pin your listing on the detail page of other listings
  • Extend your listing for an additional 30 days