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Terra Bkk has advice to prepare a house for market. If a house has problems with interior systems, is dirty or has small defects, it may need to be repaired prior to being put on the market. The following advice may be useful.

1. Make sure the house is clean.

  • Sweep cobwebs on the walls and ceilings, dust furnishings, clean windows, fans, appliances and curtains.
  • Ensure all floors and external grounds of the house are clean.
  • Ensure the kitchen, gas or electrical burners, sinks, washbasins, showers and bathroom appliances and tiles are clean.
  • Use clean hand towels and door mat.
  • Eliminate any foul odours by opening windows and doors to ventilate.

2. Arrange Interiors

  • Arrange furniture in an orderly way to provide open space and create a tidy look.
  • Arrange other furnishings in aesthetically pleasing ways and clear away unnecessary objects.
  • Collect belongings, pictures, furniture, etc. which belong to the previous owners if they are not going to be included in the sale.

3. Check the water and electrical systems to make sure they are in good functioning condition.
4. Do minor repairs as possible.

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