"For early 2013, it is a golden age of real estate, especially condominiums in Bangkok. Beside housing loans that each bank persuades those who want a house by promotion, there’s another type of loans which attracts those who already have a house. Changing property into capital called “Home for Cash” or “multi-purpose loans."

          "Home for cash" means make your property to be collateral to get a loan from bank and pay monthly installment until complete. It differs from housing loan. For housing loans, the purpose of borrowing is to purchase a house, whereas the purpose of Home for Cash is to get the money to do other thing by use your house as collateral. The criteria of this type of loan, almost same as housing loans, as below: ·       Loan amount not exceed 70 – 80% of appraised value. ·       Installment terms not exceed 30 years or 65-7- years when plus to borrower’s age.           The difference between this type and housing loans is that you must have a collateral property by deposit the title deed to financial institution but homeowner able to stay in house normally. When complete installment, you can redeem title deed from financial institution. Borrowers’ eligibility and procedures same as housing loans by interest rates of each bank will differ but most are 7 – 12%. For see conditions and interest rate of each bank, please click links below: ฺBangkok Bank  Thanachart Bank Home for Cash TMB Home for cash K-Home Loan for Multi-Purpose of Kasikornthai Bank           “Home for cash” loan is to change property to capital that you have to consider conditions of each bank thoroughly before decision.