Location is the thing that make pre-owned houses overcome brand new houses definitely because they can located in anywhere both urban and business district that be needed of most people. But those location may be restricted by conditions such as have huge population in such area and unable to build new housing project for sale and when house in such area was sold on market, it will be needed absolutely. In the present, pre-owned houses is the main part of real estate market which being more popular indefinitely. To be owner of pre-owned house, a thing that you need to have is capital that used for purchase such house. If you don’t have lump sum, you have to borrow financial institutions which have 2 conditions. Loan amount should not exceed your ability to pay the installment by consider from net income which calculated from income (expenses deducted) – installment of other debts = net income. Installment term depends on age and income of borrower that borrower age + installment term = not over 65 years. After estimate your ability completely, things which you have to consider are following other expense as table below.
List Defining Rate
  Trading price
 -   Deposit/Booking money   Depends on negotiation
 -   Down payment that bank defined   30% of appraisal value
 -   Case of auction from Legal Execution Department   Deposit before auction 50,000 Baht
  Deposit after auction 25% of purchasing value
 -   Case of purchase from broker   Book 10% of purchasing value
 -   Installment per month   Not over net income
  Loan fees of financial institutions (Fee rates depend on each bank defined)
 -   Loan application fee   500-1,500 Baht by loan amount
 -   Loan management fee   0.50%-1.00% by loan amount
 -   Collateral appraisal fee   2,500-4,000 Baht
 -   Legal transactions and contracts fee     0.05%-0.25% of loan amount
 -   Repayment before due fee   2%-3% of loan amount
 -   Revenue stamp   0.05% 0.05% of loan amount
  Government fees
 -   Transfer fee   2% of appraisal value by buyer and seller pay on half
 -   Mortgage fee   1% of mortgage cost
 -   Revenue stamp   0.50% of selling price or appraisal price (whichever is higher)
 Repair cost   20%-30% depends on house condition
When you have passed procedures and have the financial readiness, to be house owner will be not so far from you anymore. (Information at March 2014)